Dr Sameer Kumar Jindal is practicing Homoeopath, an Academician and a Researcher. He is also involved in the production one of the world’s smallest Tele ECG machine Sanjeevani’s ACE (www.sanjeevanielectromedicals.com). He is practicing Homoeopathy since 15 yrs in Mumbai. He has completed his BHMS from Mumbai university in 2001 and done his MD from KMHMC Ahmednagar, Maharashtra University of Health Sciences in 2013. After completing BHMS and taking training in homoeopathy from Senior Doctors, Dr. Sameer kumar Jindal started with his Homoeopathic practice. In initial few years of his practice he got a chance to see good number of Migraine cases but with limited improvement.

The intensity of complaints, the incapacitating nature of headaches, the helplessness of patients and the stubbornness of complaints which refuse to budge in spite of strong painkillers prompted Dr Jindal to work more on Migraine , its control & cure . During his M.D. he did his dissertation on Migraine so that he gets a chance to see more such cases and study Migraine in depth. Since then he has been sucessfully treating headache cases with exceptional results.

Apart from specialisation in migraine he also treats acute and chronic complaints of children and adult, female infertility, gynecological disorders, menstrual irregularities, PCOD, dysmenorrhea, Uterine fibroids, renal stones, gall stones(good results 60 to 70% in tiny multiple less than 8mm in size ), acidity, irritable bowel syndrome, constipation, coronary artery disease, cervical/lumbar spondylitis, arthritis, sciatica, calcaneal spurs and pediatric complaints of recurrent URTI , tonsillitis, adenoids, , bed wetting, dentitional complaints, developmental delays etc.
He is appointed as Authorized Medical Attendant by BARC, Govt. of India, for consultation of DAE employees.

Dr. Sameer Kumar Jindal also has keen interest in teaching and research and has been a co-investigator in research by Board of Research in Nuclear Sciences, Project no. 34/14/08/2014-BRNS 0136 dtd. 23-04-2014
He has worked as assistant professor for 2 yrs in Kakasaheb Mhaske Homoeopathic Medical College and PG Institute, Ahmednagar from 2014.


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Consultant Homoeopath @:

Office no. 13, 1st floor,
Lakhani’s Palmview,
Sector 48,
Nerul (w), Seawoods
Navi Mumbai 400614

Consultation timings :
Morning : 11.00AM TO 1.30 PM
Evening : 6.00PM TO 9.30 PM